My Why

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

I started working in higher education because those 4, 5...6 years in college are the most developmental years in one’s life. That’s the place where you have some of your best days and...some of your worst. Through it all, you learn so much about yourself and others in order to prepare for the “real world.” I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to be a part of students’ best and trying days; to be someone that I needed when I was in college. Specifically, the reason why I work with fraternities and sororities, is because I believe in them.

Fraternities and sororities give a unique opportunity to its members. A sense of family, community, challenge, and praise all wrapped in one lifelong commitment. I wanted my work to be something that I could constantly give to but simultaneously continue to gain knowledge and grow. I truly believe by helping members find their purpose of membership in their organization, council, and Greek community our society can progress and evolve—one member at a time.

What if every member took full advantage of their membership? What if every member knew their personal strengths and the purpose of their membership? What would fraternity/sorority life look like? That’s my ultimate goal: to get every member to capture the best parts of their membership and share the best aspects of themselves in their organization. My why is because I love when others find their why. When everyone is able to give their best selves, our society grows in the most positive ways. That’s what fraternity/sorority is all about, right? A collective of people ready to positively affect the community around them.

So how do you find your why? First, watch Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on “Start with Why” . Also, visit his website, he has some great activities to work on your why. In his Ted Talk, he demonstrates a lot of commercial/business examples, but when you watch it, I want you to think in the context of your organization. What is your organization’s why? Your chapter’s why? Your why? This is how we can continue to grow our organizations for the right reasons, in the right method, with the right people (that will be a whole other blog post).

This is my Golden Circle, my why, how, and what, based on Simon Sinek’s video above.

What’s yours?

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