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Bethany Bledsoe, The Greek Experience Coach, is a Fraternity & Sorority Life advocate with a passion for creating space for Culturally-Based Greek organizations to grow and be an integral part of the community. Utilizing her experiences in higher education, (inter)national sororities, and private corporation; Bethany helps both universities and fraternal organizations expand their capacity, increase their membership, and execute values-based initiatives. 


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From Council Assessments to Headquarters Initiative Implementation, The Greek Experience Coach is here to help your organization achieve its goals and make an impact in the community.
Wanting to provide your council and officers with the tools they need to succeed?  The Greek Experience Coach has interactive workshops designed specifically for culturally-based councils and organizations!
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"Bethany was extremely professional, was able to connect in a meaningful way with students, staff, and external stakeholders. She took the time to understand our unique challenges as a community, and provided judicious advice for moving our community forward. The community has already begun working toward some of the goals she laid out, and we cannot wait for Bethany to come back and help us continue to grow!"

-Dan, Fraternity/Sorority Advisor

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